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Katelyn and Forrest || Engagement

Ever heard the quote, "The more you laugh, the longer you will live"? If this quote is true Katelyn and Forest will live a VERY long life. Katelyn is probably one of the few people I know that can make others smile just by laughing. She is a dear friend and I was HONORED when she not only asked me to take her engagement pictures, but also asked me to be her bridesmaid. However, things weren't always this way.....

So I met Katelyn in college. We were both RA's on the same hall, it was my first year as an RA and it was her last. All I knew of Ms. Katelyn was that she was in a sorority and EVERYONE knew her. I already formed an opinion of her before I knew her. Well as the year went on I grew to not like her, not because she had done anything personal to me, but because of my own opinions. Anyway the year ended and she graduated. Then on a random night I get a text from her asking me to help her with a wedding. Guys believe me when I saw I was in shock! I had just gotten my first camera 6 months before and barely knew how to use it. But I will ALWAYS be grateful for Katelyn's belief in me. 

After countless weddings, hundreds of miles, and many long late night talks, Katelyn turned from a mentor photographer into a dear friend.  On one of those late night talks I remember her mentioning this boy she met who taught her how to drive a tractor. Little did I know that this man was her future fiancé. Forrest is a wonderful man who makes Katelyn so incredibly happy and I cannot wait for the day they get married. This shoot was so much fun and I hope you all enjoy some of my favorite pictures.