Tiffany-Marie Photography


Adams Maternity || Gainesville, GA

  If you guys didn't know I LOVE shooting couples. Love, love, love it! There is just something about capturing the love between two people that just makes me smile! Now throw in a little one and it's the best day ever!

  Now most of the time it is a couple I am meeting for the first time, but every now and then I get to photograph my friends and it makes the shoot that much better!

   For those of you that don't know I am a full time teacher. Jordan is a fellow teacher and when he told me that he and his wife were expecting I was secretly hoping that they would let me take their pictures, and lucky me he did! I cannot begin to describe how much fun this shoot was. All three of us were laughing the whole time, mostly because this was the last thing Jordan wanted to do and kept making jokes the whole time. (However he totally got into it towards the end.) From striking a signature Olsen pose to making his wife constantly laugh, (she has a beautiful smile so it was totally OKAY!) this became one of my top favorite maternity shoots. You can tell that they are each others best friends and love each other so much, no matter how cool they try to play it ;)

    I LOVE how these pictures turned out and I believe I captured their fun loving relationship. I cannot wait for baby Adams to arrive, he has got some pretty awesome parents. I hope you all enjoy some of my favorite photos!

tiffany cantillana