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Alexis and Taylor || Bull Mountain Lodge, Dahlonega Ga

"I found the one whom my soul loves." - Song of Solomon 3:4

       I first met Alexis and Taylor in November when we did their engagement shoot. I knew after spending that hour with them, I was going to love photographing their wedding; and I wasn't wrong. 

       My second shooter, In His Light photography, and I started off the day by meeting the guys at Taylor's father's house, where they were gonna blow some things up.....and they weren't kidding. These were some home grown country boys and they wanted to shoot some guns! They were hilarious and probably some of my favorite guys to work with! 

      Hidden away in the mountains of Dahlonega is Bull Mountain lodge. At first when you approach it you go through a lot of sketchy dirt roads and then you pull up to this BEAUTIFUL venue. As I was pulling up to the cabin where the ladies were getting ready I was so excited, because there were countless of places for beautiful photographs. When we walked in Alexis was on the couch writing her vows while some of her bridesmaids were finishing up the getting ready process. These ladies were so easy going, after talking with them for a couple minutes it felt like we were all a bunch of friends getting together. I truly believe that who you surround yourself with on your wedding day makes it that much better and Taylor and Alexis chose a wonderfully, fun group of people.

       My favorite part about this wedding, my favorite part about all weddings, is the couple pictures. The moment when it is just the bride, groom, and the photographer. (In this case the videographers too, but they were DA BOMB #flintandsteelproductions) I love this moment because it is the first time that the bride and groom are together since being married without the distraction of friends and family. At this moment they get to interact with each other and I get to capture it. I love the way that Taylor looks at Alexis and I love the way Alexis smiles at him. They have such a sweet love that you can feel when you are around them. I wish nothing but the best for these two and I hope you all enjoy some of the pictures!! Congrats to Alexis and Taylor!!! 



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