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Anela and Nathan || Anniversary Shoot Dahlonega, Ga

One of my favorite things about being a photographer are the relationships I get to build with my clients! I photographed Anela and Nathan's wedding a year ago, which is CRAZY to think about, and it was so good to catch up. They were both graduating from college AND it was their 1 year of marriage! It was so good to see them still as happy and in love as the day of their wedding.

This shoot was so fun for a multitude of of the main reasons being CHEESECAKE! Okay so maybe that wasn't the main reason, but definitely an important one ;). First off I met Anela and Nathan at this BEAUTIFUL field right outside of a neighborhood in Dahlonega. The pictures we took there are probably some of my favorites! Next was the fact that Anela brought her wedding dress to wear for the shoot. I was so pumped. She looked just as beautiful as she did the day of her wedding! Then Anela and Nathan had bought all of these wonderful props, a number 1 ballon (that I ended up losing in the trees! Thankfully we got pictures before!), a blanket, number 1 candle(we didn't have a lighter, so Nathan tried to build a fire...see below), a veil, and CHEESECAKE with buttercream icing!  Enjoy some of my favorite picture from this shoot! 

tiffany cantillana